Senior Data Scientist

Summary of Position

Q-State is seeking brilliant and highly motivated people, interested in tackling hard data analysis problems whose solution can make a difference in patients’ lives. The Senior Data Scientist is an important member of the Software Analytics Team and works as an individual contributor providing scientific and data analytics support to multiple Q-State customer-based or R&D projects.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Expected to be advanced in data science practices. They are to possess and apply a broad knowledge of data science (data analysis, statistics, machine learning) practices to the completion of assignments with moderate to major complexity. New approaches to solving problems are often devised and moderate to major levels of judgment and ingenuity must be applied. Assignments are performed with instructions as to only the general results expected. Technical guidance is only necessary for unusual or complex problems and only minor supervisory approval of work is needed. An individual in this position often leads the development of a complex application.
  • Support and contribute to large analysis codebase, including bug fixes, performance improvements, and participation in code reviews.
  • Provide all aspects of analytics software development including requirements analysis, specification, design, design review, implementation, source control, performance optimization, unit testing, automated testing, integration testing, defect management, validation, documentation, release, and ongoing maintenance and support.
  • Serve as a technical resource and mentor for less senior data scientists.
  • Perform estimation and planning of personal tasks to achieve established project milestones.
  • Improve existing and implement new analysis algorithms and data visualization.
  • Identify and participate in areas to expand the intellectual property of the company (patents, publications, presentations).
  • Contribute to discussions and recommendations on how to leverage data science, machine learning and advanced analytic methods to support company mission.
  • Analyze electrophysiological data, make effective visualization, draw sound inferences from complex experiments, assist biologists with experimental design and implementation, conduct reproducible analyses, and disseminate analytics findings with biologists and other stakeholders.

Minimum Qualifications Required

  • MS degree (PhD desirable) in Data Science, Computer Science, Math, (Bio)Statistics, Physics or related technical discipline (e.g., engineering, science, or biology with a strong quantitative flavor) with 3-5 years of professional experience.
  • Experience developing complex data processing and/or visualization pipelines.
  • 3+ years’ experience in constructing, validating, deploying data science and machine learning solutions.
  • 3+ year experience in Matlab, Python, R or similar programming languages for data science
  • Fluent in data science and machine learning algorithms.
  • Experience with commonly used data science and machine learning toolkits, libraries, and frameworks (sklearm, keras, tensorflow, pytorch, etc.).
  • Familiar with software development life cycles, toolsets, and able to write clean and efficient code for data analysis.
  • High level of creativity with a passion for data science applications.
  • Demonstrated experience providing technical leadership to less senior data scientists.
  • Excellent skills in the areas of verbal/written communication, problem solving, and leadership.

Additional Qualifications Desired

  • Knowledge and experience in biophysics, physiology, or neuroscience; experience on physiological data analysis.
  • Experience with statistical analysis and tools (estimation, inference, regression, analysis of variance, power analysis, experimental design, etc.).
  • Experience with image processing, video processing, signal processing, or time series analysis.
  • Familiar with drug development process.

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