Decoding Brain Disease to Reimagine Drug Development

Q-State is now Quiver.
The name change reflects our readiness and focus to bring new drugs for neurological disease targets to the clinic. After nearly a decade of science and engineering advancements, Quiver is ready to deploy its platform to discover therapeutics, building off of hundreds of targets evaluated, thousands of drugs tested and millions of individual brain cell measurements.

Our Company

Quiver Bioscience was built to create transformational medicines for patients living with disorders of the brain. Utilizing our human disease models, novel AI, and the best-in-world platform, we stand as the premier partner in the journey from target discovery to the clinic.
About Quiver
We innovate across 3 axes
The Science
Our approach integrates cutting-edge scalable biology, state-of-the-art technology and engineering, and learning and surrogate models to identify novel therapeutic targets and the best candidate molecules to deliver new and meaningful therapeutics to patients.


Our cellular models capture the entirety of the human genome and the complexities of human biology. Meticulous culture techniques and proprietary protocols produce billions of cryopreservable neurons with exquisite consistency across >500 patient and CRISPR-edited cell lines to provide a foundation for the discovery process.


In seconds, our lineup of proprietary technologies and instrumentation measure hundreds of properties associated with cellular function per neuron, including synaptic transmission. Vast datasets quantify these parameters with resolution at the single neuron and single action potential levels.


Our analytics algorithmically extract data from hundreds of thousands of individual cells per disease target to identify the most relevant cellular changes underlying the disease state or therapeutic response. These insights offer a new lens to understanding disease and biology more generally and power the optimization of therapeutic candidates with greater translational potential.
We have garnered exciting collaborations with a variety of industry leaders. 
We welcome partnership opportunities with other organizations seeking to develop novel therapeutics for serious diseases or with parties interested in leveraging our unique capabilities
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Behind our cutting-edge technologies and drug discovery efforts is an amazing team.
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