David Gerber, Ph.D.

Consulting Senior Vice President Scientific Affairs

Dr. David Gerber currently serves as Senior Vice President of Scientific Affairs at Quiver Bioscience and brings twenty years of experience in CNS disease biology and drug discovery to the company. Previously, David was scientific co-founder and Vice President of Research at Galenea Corp., where he led discovery programs in schizophrenia, cognition and neurodegeneration, including several R&D collaborations with major pharmaceutical companies. A key aspect of this work included development and application of novel platform technology to directly target synaptic transmission for CNS drug discovery. Before founding Galenea, as a postdoctoral fellow and Research Scientist in Susumu Tonegawa’s lab at MIT, his research focused on molecular and genetic factors involved in schizophrenia, and particularly on the potential link between calcineurin dysfunction and schizophrenia pathogenesis. David received a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and a Ph.D. in biology from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.