The Science

Our fully-integrated platform enables ultra-large scale, high quality data generation for unique, AI/ML-driven insights into the biological complexity of the brain, its associated disease states and the creation of transformational therapeutics.



Sophisticated and optimized neuronal production from custom-designed disease models
Our stem cell technologies enable us to generate disease-relevant human cellular models, and our CRISPR engineering provides the capability to customize these models. 
Advanced culture methods based on proprietary know-how yield uniform preparations of human neurons. These cells are produced at ultra large scale with a strong degree of consistency and reproducibility across cell lines for utility in high-throughput drug screening.



Ultra-large scale, multi-parameter quantitative characterization of disease-relevant neuronal activity using cutting-edge optical electrophysiology technology
Our proprietary optogenetic electrophysiology engineering and software allows uniquely fast and sensitive measurements of neuronal activity with massive data capture. 
These noninvasive methods capture approximately 500 data points per cell at a throughput of 500,000 neurons per day, yielding precise, parallel readouts of action potentials with single-cell resolution. Datasets can amass up to 16 terabytes per day.



Computational neuro-analytics and AI / ML-based analysis of complex CNS biology identifies disease phenotypes and provides a quantitative basis for discovery of therapeutics
Our computational analytics decipher the mass amounts of collected data to discover key disease phenotypes and therapeutic candidates that correct them. 
Machine learning and statistical tools identify how a disease impacts neuronal behavior, and automated algorithms enable high-throughput screening and quantification of therapeutic attributes across different modalities.