Disruptive Drug Discovery

Quiver is a technology-driven company established to create transformational medicines for the brain while simultaneously uncovering new biology and novel, effective drug targets. Using advanced single cell imaging and multi-omics, we are building the world's most information-rich neuronal insight map "Genomic Positioning System" through state-of-the-art proprietary engineering and AI/ML approaches.

Hear a description of our scientific vision from CSO Graham Dempsey

The Challenge

Traditional drug discovery efforts for CNS disorders have significant limitations. The CNS is a uniquely challenging field given the complexity of target tissue, and a translational gap exists where non-clinical models typically fail to reproduce human biology and deliver robust datasets. We have built our platform to traverse this gap.

Our Approach

We integrate powerful enabling technologies along three axes—advanced human biology, determinative measurement engineering, and algorithmic analysis—into a proprietary platform that redefines CNS drug discovery.

Our Vision

Our cutting-edge tools are generating the world's largest and most information-rich map of neuronal biology in both healthy and disease-states to bring forward transformational medicines for the CNS.